Korean company Coway need needed help launching their new air purifier Airmega in the United States. The visual identity needed to be created from the ground up, from the logo, product imagery and e-commerce website design, to social media contents and paid media campaigns.

What I did:

- Art direction
- Identity design
- Web Design
- Product photography
- Sound Design
- Social media content design


This one time there wasn't enough budget to hire a photographer, but no biggie, I took the pictures.


This other time I got to compose the music for a series of animations that I also illustrated. Here's one of them.

The melody at the 0:11 mark (F#-A-D-C#-A) is Airmega's chime when it powers on. The melody at the very end (E-D-B-C#-A) is Airmega's chime when it powers off. 


Social media contents

Keeping the different social media channels full of engaging and educational contents about air quality was very important.