Juan Dávalos

Hanwha SIFF



Seoul International
Fireworks Festival

Hanwha wanted to give their annual Seoul International Fireworks Festival a visual identity. They wanted to position it as a global event, going beyond Seoul where Hanwha headquarters reside. They were in search of fresh identity and engaging digital ideas around the two-day festival.

Along with the logo design and key visual elements of the brand, the concept Look Out was conceived. The festival encourages people come together to redirect their gaze outward as opposed to inward.

The idea for the logo is that of an ever-growing web of strings, with Hanwha at the center, and the outer edges of the web open, inviting others to join.

Supporting the Look Out concept, a “digital firework show” was proposed, where users could visit the festival website, and with a “Firework Generator”, design their own unique firework and upload it to the site, along with a geographical tag. Visitors could also share their firework design to social media channels with a chance to win tickets and merchandise.

What I did:

- Art direction
- Identity design
- Concept Ideation