Juan Dávalos

Music for the Eyes


Darby Forever

Music composition for the short ‘Darby Forever’ created by SNL’s Aidy Bryant.

Michael Che Matters

Music composition for Michael Che’s Netflix comedy special.

SNL Meet Cute

Music composition for some scenes of an SNL digital short featuring Kristen Stewart.


Ahora Lee Un Libro

Music composition for TV commercial for the dominican newspaper Diario Libre, encouraging people to read a book.


Plan Perfecto

Music composition for a TV commercial for dominican telecommunications company Viva. The commercial was selling a group plan and used Wes Anderson’s movie The Royal Tenenbaums as the main inspiration, creating a quirky set of characters that share a family plan.

Hurray Clean Air!

Music composition for a series of 3 social media videos, promoting the Airmega, a premium airpurifier from koran company Coway. The tune was built around the device’s on and off chimes. See the other videos on my Vimeo channel.